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Gerontological Nursing / Advanced Gerontological Nursing

Gerontological Nursing / Advanced Gerontological Nursing


Name:Midori Kuniyoshi
Name:Midori Kuniyoshi


Master’s Program Gerontological Nursing, Seminar on Gerontological Nursing
Doctoral Program Advanced Gerontological Nursing


  • Study on elderly abuse in Okinawa prefecture
  • Study on elderly care
  • Research on nursing care for elderly people
  • Nursing care for adult and elderly individuals with chronic health problem and their family members

Title of thesis for Master or Doctor of Health Sciences

Master’s Degree
  • A study of factors influencing the awareness of the possibility of discovering the suspected elder abuse cases among emergency nurses
  • Effect of using a self-management notebook among out-patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus


Let's learn the current situation and issues of a super-aging society to improve quality of nursing care for elderly individuals!