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Master's thesis

R2 2020

日本語版 Gay Affirmative Practice scale (GAP)の信頼性および妥当性の検討

Reliability and Validity of the Japanese Version of the Gay Affirmative Practice Scale

山里 ひろみ 基礎看護学

A content analysis of health information in guidebook for international students among national universities in Japan


沖縄県のカポジ肉腫における KSHV 遺伝子型別特性の解明

KSHV genotyping characteristics of Kaposi's sarcoma in Okinawa

石川 晴菜 形態病理学

琉球大学病院の口腔癌症例の HPV 感染及び PARP 発現と予後の関連について

Association among human papillomavirus infection, PARP expression and the outcome of oral cancer patients in University of the Ryukyus Hospital

比嘉 沙季 形態病理学

AIDS 関連型及び古典型カポジ肉腫に由来する KSHV K1 遺伝子の腫瘍形成能について

KSHV K1 gene transformation activities between AIDS-related and classic type Kaposi's sarcoma

山川 奈津子 形態病理学


Effects of hand washing facilities with water and soap on diarrhea incidence among children under five years in Lao People's Democratic Republic: A cross-sectional study

野口 祐子 国際地域保健学

R1 2019

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Reported Dengue Cases and Hot Spot Identification in Quezon City, Philippines, 2010-2017

John Robert Carabeo MEDINA 国際地域保健学

Nanopore SequencerによるblaCTX-M局在位置の多検体同時解析法の検討と、その手法を用いた ESBL産生Escherichia coliの解析

Establishment of the high through put screening method of blaCTX-M location, and analysis of ESBL producing Escherichia coli

屋宜 宣慶 保健微生物学


Promotion of Physical and Mental Self-care for Pregnant Women Receiving Midwifery Care -Interview and Content Analysis Methods for Experienced Post-delivery Women and Midwives-

與那嶺 佳奈子 母性看護学


Transfer of blaCTX-M under Antibiotics Selective Pressure and Stability of Chromosomally Translocated blaCTX-M

徳永 敏郎 保健微生物学


Implementation status and perceptions of early mother-infant contact by midwives and nurses at delivery facilities in Okinawa

辻 和歌子 国際地域保健学


Verification of immune checkpoint molecules as screening markers for distinguishing ATL patients from HTLV-1 carriers

加藤 愛美 血液免疫学


Genetic relatedness of CTX-M type extended-spectrum β-lactamase(ESBL) producing Escherichia coli between hospitalized patients and patient’s family in a hospital in Surabaya, Indonesia

比嘉 祐也 保健微生物学

H30 2018


Investigation of factors related to HIV infection disease / AIDS patient’s awareness among visiting nurses in Okinawa

宮城 京子 基礎看護学


The experience process of reconciling work and family caregiving roles among women who provide home care to elderly in need of middle and severe level of care

稲福 真生子 在宅看護学


The experiential process of women presidents of the residents’ association who understood the unique traits of the community or the residents to continue with community activities that faster feelings of solidarity among residents

徳元 裕子 在宅看護学


Studies of the mechanism by which plasmid inactivates prion and induces cell death in prion-infected cells

山城 梨沙 生体分析学

沖縄県の小学生における齲蝕と社会経済状況および学校給食後の歯みがきとの関連 : マルチレベル分析による検討

Association between dental caries, socio-economic status and tooth brushing after school lunch among elementary school students: A multilevel analysis in Okinawa, Japan

我部 杏奈 学校保健学


Study on immunomodulatory effect of fucoidan derived from Cladosiphon okamuranus Tokida in mice

友利 誠 血液免疫学

Proteus mirabilisのswarming調節機構の解析

Analysis of swarming regulator mechanism in Proteus mirabilis

比嘉 聖菜 保健微生物学


Prevalence and genotype analysis of human T-cell leukemia virus type I in Miyako and Kume Islands, Okinawa

高鳥 光徳 血液免疫学


Exploring the role of school-based education to prevent bullying among high schools in Lombok Island, Indonesia-A qualitative study

登 圭紀 国際地域保健学


Characterization of extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL) -producing Enterobacteriaceae in Vietnamese community

屋嘉比 泰亮 保健微生物学

H29 2017


Measles and Rubella vaccination coverage in Okinawa, Japan: An ecological study

石橋 江里那 国際地域保健学

母子世帯の母親のエンパワメントと母子寡婦福祉会の役割: 沖縄県の母子寡婦福祉会の会員を対象としたケーススタディ

Empowerment of Single mother and Role of Welfare Association of Mothers with Dependents/Widows: Case study for Welfare Association of Mothers with Dependents/Widows in Okinawa Prefecture

バイティガ みどり 国際地域保健学

ラオス ターパントン地区におけるマラリア不顕性感染者を対象とした積極的症例発見法の有効性について:スノーボール・サンプリング法の検討

Active case detection of people with asymptomatic malaria using a snowball sampling method in Thapangthong district, Lao PDR

東 雅史 国際地域保健学

Impacts of Health Promoting Lifestyle and Complementary Alternative Medicine Use on the Unillness Status among Nurses in Okinawa

劉 平 母性保健看護学

Prevalence and Risk Behaviors of HTLV-1 among the Aeta Indigenous People in the Philippines

Carmina Guerrero 血液免疫学

Individual and household factors associated with village malaria incidence in Xepon district, Savannakhet province, Lao PDR

Nouhak Inthavong 国際地域保健学


The Experiential Process of Marital Life and Nursing according to Spouses of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients Cared for at Home

國吉 有子 在宅看護学


Mothers' process of searching for better ways to interact with children with autism and intellectual disabilities

渡久地 光 在宅看護学


Relationships among the resilience, stress coping, and mental health of occupational therapists working in psychiatric hospitals

嘉数 栄司 精神保健看護学


The changes in the mothers' awareness about caring for their schizophrenic sons

髙原美鈴 在宅看護学


Clinical Trial of Fucoidan from Cladosiphon okamuranus Tokida in Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type I(HTLV-I) Carriers: Analysis of Anti-HTLV-I effect

大川 有希 血液免疫学

学校における生理用品の交換はトイレの衛生設備状況と関連するか フィリピン国マニラ市の公立中学校の女子生徒を対象とした横断的研究

Association between the quality of public school toilets and the frequency of changing sanitary napkins among grade eight students in secondary schools in the City of Manila

勝野 智香子 国際地域保健学

Doctoral thesis

Characterization of blaCTX-M-14 transposition from plasmid to chromosome in

Escherichia coli experimental strain / Hamamoto, Kouta

International Journal of Medical Microbiology : IJMM, 16 Jan 2020, 310(2):151395

Is the place of birth related to the mother's satisfaction with childbirth? A cross-sectional study in a rural district of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) / Takayama, Tomomi

BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2019;19(1):333. Published 2019 Sep 11

Malaria prevalence, knowledge, perception, preventive and treatment behavior among military in Champasak and Attapeu provinces, Lao PDR: a mixed methods study / Vilay, Phoutnalong

Trop Med Health. 2019;47:11. Published 2019 Jan 25

Suicidal Ideation, Suicidal Behaviors, and Attitudes Towards Suicide of Adolescents Enrolled in the Alternative Learning System in Manila, Philippines-A Mixed Methods Study / Crystal, Amiel M. Estrada-- University of the Ryukyus,2019-9-20,Tropical Medicine and Health. 2019;47:22.

Intestinal helminth infections in HIV-infected patients in Savannakhet after establishment

of an HIV registration network in Lao People's Democratic Republic / Kaneshiro, Yukako

-- University of the Ryukyus,2019-5-22,学位論文

Relationship between social capital and disaster preparedness in parents raising infants / Toyama, Yuko -- University of the Ryukyus,2019-5-22,学位論文

Japanese fathers' experience with children with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities / Hasegawa, Tamayo -- University of the Ryukyus,2019-2-20,学位論文

Patients' adherence to artemisinin-based combination therapy and healthcare workers' perception and practice in Savannakhet province, Lao PDR / Takahashi, Emiri -- University of the Ryukyus,2018-12-22,Tropical Medicine and Health Vol.46 no.44学位論文

Implementation of disaster risk reduction and management policies in a school setting in Lao PDR: a case study / Kanyasan, Kethsana -- University of the Ryukyus,2018-12-12,Tropical Medicine and Health Vol.46 no.42学位論文

Does Physical Fitness Affect Academic Achievement among Japanese Adolescents? A Hybrid Approach for Decomposing Within-Person and Between-Persons Effects / Kyan, Akira -- University of the Ryukyus,2018-9-1,International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Vol.15 no.1901学位論文

Physiological and nutritional intake characteristics of pregnant women according to their recommended gestational weight gain in relation to the birth weight of their full-term infants / Tamashiro, Yoko -- University of the Ryukyus,2018-7-13,学位論文

Human T-cell leukemia virus type I Tax genotype analysis in Okinawa, the southernmost and remotest islands of Japan: Different distributions compared with mainland Japan and the potential value for the prognosis of aggressive adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma. / Sakihama, Syugo -- University of the Ryukyus,2017-8-13,Leukemia Research Vol.61 p.18-24 学位論文

A new roller conveyer system of non-thermal gas plasma as a potential control measure of plant pathogenic bacteria in primary food production / 豊川, 洋一 -- University of the Ryukyus,2017-6-19,Food Control学位論文

Relationship between Individual-level Social Capital Including Social Trust, Traditional Local Events and Moai, and Mental Health among Middle-aged Adults in Okinawa / Taba, Mayumi -- University of the Ryukyus,2016-6-26,琉球医学会誌 = Ryukyu Medical Journal Vol.35 no.1-4 p.7-19 学位論文

親密なパートナーからの暴力を受けた女性患者に対する臨床看護職者の認識尺度開発 / 井上, 松代 -- University of the Ryukyus,2016-5-11,Japan Journal of Nursing Science Vol.13 no.4 p.437-450 学位論文

The Caring Culture of Japanese family caregivers of people with cancer : perceptions of and responses to caregiving experiences in Japan / 山口, 智美 -- University of the Ryukyus,2015-9-30,学位論文

The predictive validity of a modified Japanese Nursing Association fall risk assessment tool : A retrospective cohort study / 東恩納, 美樹 -- University of the Ryukyus,2015-9,International Journal of Nursing Studies Vol.52 no.9 p.1484-1494 学位論文

沖縄の2型糖尿病男性の骨強度に影響を及ぼすライフスタイル / 具志堅, 美智子 -- 琉球大学,2015-3-19,学位論文

Gender difference in the mediating effect of health-related behaviors on the relationship between neighborhood social capital and self-rated health among community dwelling people in a town of Okinawa / 豊里, 竹彦 -- University of the Ryukyus,2015-3-19,学位論文

統合失調症患者を抱える家族の心的トラウマが介護上の困難・負担感およびストレス反応に及ぼす影響 / 宮城, 哲哉 -- 琉球大学,2015-3-19,学位論文