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Biometabolic chemistry / Medical biochemistry

Biometabolic chemistry / Medical biochemistry


Name:Nanae Harashima
Name:Nanae Harashima


  • Biomolecular chemistry, Seminar on biomolecular chemistry: Introduction to related papers about biochemistry, metabolomics, and clinical biochemistry and discussion about study methods and clinical applications. (Presentation and discussion about methodology, and experimental techniques in cancer research.)
  • Advanced analysis of biomolecular chemistry: Read the most current papers on biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology related to cancer sciences, and clinical approaches.


  • The mechanisms of therapeutic resistance against cancer
  • Anti-tumor effects of antioxidant (e.g., polyphenols) from subtropical plants
  • Research on the relationship between induction of anti-tumor effect and hypoxia-inducible factors
  • Research on cancer microenvironment and immune response

Title of thesis for Master or Doctor of Health Sciences


Immune cancer treatment including immune checkpoint blockers is focused on as the fourth remedy in cancer therapies. However, there are many cases that have shown resistance against several tumor therapies. The causes are immune escape, proliferation of immune suppressor cells, existence of cancer stem cells, and cancer microenvironment including adaptation to low oxygen. Therefore, we study this to disclose the mechanisms of getting therapies or multidrug resistance against cancers and expect that our research will help the management of cancer patients.