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Molecular Biology / Analysis of Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology / Analysis of Molecular Biology


Name:Nakao hiroshi (Ph.D)


Master's Program Basic Molecular Biology, Seminar on Molecular Biology, Thesis Research 1, Thesis Research 2
Doctoral Program Advanced Analysis of Molecular Biology, Advanced Thesis Research I, Advanced Thesis ResearchⅡ


Drug-resistant bacteria has become a major public health concern globally. In Okinawa, tourism is the heart of industry, and more than 10 million tourists from Japan and all over the world visit the Okinawa Islands every year. They might bring some serious infectious diseases to the islands or to Japan that are rare or have never previously existed.
We target gonorrhea, which is listed as one of the prioritized sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that requires global action for control because of its extraordinary ability to develop resistance to almost antibiotics which are used for treatment. We focus on Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated in Okinawa and research on multi-drug resistant ability and mechanisms.