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Fundamental Nursing / Global Nursing


Name:Toyosato Takehiko(R.N, Ph.D)
Name:Toyosato Takehiko(R.N, Ph.D)


Master's Program Fundamental Nursing, Seminar on Fundamental Nursing, Advanced Nursing Theory, Advanced Nursing Management, Thesis Research 1, Thesis Research 2
Doctoral Program Advanced Global Nursing, Advanced Thesis Research I, Advanced Thesis ResearchⅡ


  • Perception of research difficulties affects staff nurses' motivation toward research participation: the impact of understanding research value and collegial support.
  • Visiting nurses' perspectives on practices to achieve end-of-life cancer patients' wishes for death at home: a qualitative study
  • The moderating effect of supervisor and coworker support on the association between work-family conflict and psychological distress in nurses in Okinawa, Japan
  • The moderating effect of spiritual well-being on the association between depressive state and living arrangement in the elderly in rural Okinawa
  • Gender differences in the mediating effect of health-related behaviors on the relationship between neighborhood social capital and self-rated health among community dwelling people in the town of Okinawa
  • Psychological trauma among family caregivers of individuals with schizophrenia in relation to their subjective care burden, distress, and stress response
  • Relationships among living preferences during the care period, the availability of elderly nursing care facilities, and intergenerational differences for residents of small isolated islands

Title of thesis for Master or Doctor of Health Sciences

  • Investigation of factor related to HIV infection disease/AIDS patient’s awareness among visiting nurses in Okinawa.
  • Development of a Nursing Practice Scale for Measuring Support for Surrogate Decision-makers of Terminal Care in the Intensive and Critical Care Unit