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Learning Development History in Japan through JICA Development Studies Program

Thu, Jun 30, 2022

Mr. Credo, a second-year doctoral student in the Graduate School of Health Sciences, studied the history of development in Japan for one week from March 28 at International University of Japan (IUJ) with 30 other international students studying under this program at universities around Japan. One of the objectives of the JICA Development Studies Program is to study the history of development in Japan and apply it to the development of low- and middle-income countries. The history of development in Japan after the Meiji Restoration is taught in a joint lecture by JICA and IUJ, while the history of healthcare development in Okinawa is taught at the Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of the Ryukyus.

Mr. Credo gave his impressions of this short program as follows.

“Understanding the Japanese Development Experience” was a short program organized jointly by JICA and the International University of Japan located in Niigata prefecture. Taking part in the program allowed me to deepen my understanding of Japan’s development process before and after World War 2, and most importantly the development in the health sector. It was also an opportunity to discuss with other participants from a wide range of countries and with diverse backgrounds about lessons that could be adapted in our home countries, and things that should be avoided from Japan’s experience. The knowledge gained from this program will surely be useful in my eventual decision-making role in the future.