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Ph.D. of Health Sciences

Completed in 2019

Reason for entering the graduate school

This school has a very strong school of health sciences, and I wanted to study and work under the best of lecturers and experts in Japan and many countries such as Philippines, Korea, China, Laos, Thailand and etc... It also offered the specialization I was seeking especially in the field of health education and health promotion.

Research at the graduate school

During I study here, I conducted research about policy analysis entitled “Implementation of disaster risk reduction and management policies in school setting in Lao PDR: A case study”

What do you do after graduation

Currently, I am working at the Faculty of Education, National University of Laos as researcher and lecturer related to disaster management, school health promotion, ecohealth education and education for sustainable development. The knowledge and experiences that I have got at this school help me a lot for currently my work.

Message to people who want to study at the graduate school

I feel like the graduate school of health sciences is a second home of mine, the professors and lecturers there like at my parents, I have siblings as classmate. Event we study hard there, but we can also enjoy at the same time as well. Join our school to gain your knowledge of health sciences and be our family member.