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Name:Jun Kobayashi
Name:Jun Kobayashi
  • Position:Head and Professor
  • Research:Global Health, School Health, Community Health, Health Policy
  • Email:junkoba (
Name:Daisuke Nonaka
Name:Rie Takeuchi
  • Position:Specially Appointed Senior Lecturer
  • Research:Epidemiology, Global Health, School Health, Tropical Medicine
Name:Michiko Gushiken
  • Position:Assistant professor
  • Research:Diabetes care
  • Email:boshi (


Classroom seminars are actively organized into presentations and discussions between graduate students and professors to promote the students' independent learning and develop research design and planning. The cooperation with overseas research institutions such as Laos, the Philippines, and Indonesia can provide strong opportunities for conducting research overseas by graduate students.

In addition to “special lectures on Global and community health”, many subjects related to public health are opened based on lectures and discussions in English. For example, “Health in Asia-Pacific region” Explains the global health policy and its implementation in low- and middle-income countries, and also invites top-level lecturers from cooperating institutions. In “Maternal and child nursing” and “Advanced global women's health”, the policy and practical approaches related to maternal and child health are discussed from a global perspective including in gender issues. In particular, participating in JICA assignment-specific training has duties for learning as an interactive way to communicate with front liners in low- and middle-income countries. “Public health research” and “Advanced public health research” comprehensively explains the research methods such as epidemiology, statistics, research design, and data management required for planning and conducting public health research in English.


Here, we study global health research for vulnerable populations. In Laos, we performed community health research in poor remote areas where ethnic minorities live. On the basis of malaria control research, we are now working with other community health issues such as maternal and child health as a public health priority. At the same time, the benefit for local residents is considered. Thus, from 2017, the JICA Grassroots Project related to a maternal and child health has been implemented to directly assist the community. This work also addresses the issue of early pregnancy in Okinawa—a common issue in low- and middle-income countries.

School health is another research priority for low- and middle-income countries including of the core institution of JC-GSHR (Japanese Consortium for Global School Health Research), a think tank from Japan and Asia. We already have data showing the promotion of infectious disease control in primary education. We are currently addressing the issues of implementing adolescent health such as mental health and comprehensive sex education, which are now globally focused as priority topics.

In addition, we are actively addressing globally and locally important issues such as island health related to island vulnerabilities. A comprehensive approach is necessary to create a healthy island because the several health topics are challenging: communicable and non-communicable disease related to global warming, aging society, and island vulnerabilities.

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