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Women‘s Health Nursing / Global Women’s Health

Women‘s Health Nursing / Global Women’s Health


Name:Yumiko Endoh
Name:Yumiko Endoh


The department of Women‘s Health Nursing/Global Women’s Health Nursing seeks to educate midwives who can practice reproductive health care at each stage of a woman’s life-stage, and contribute to midwifery activities with a global perspective in Japan and overseas.

Master's Program Women‘s Health Nursing, Seminar on Women‘s Health Nursing, Thesis Research, Advanced Health Science
Doctoral Program Global women’s health nursing, Advanced Thesis Research


The graduate school is conducting research leading to evidence-based maternal nursing and midwifery practices. To deepen midwives’ expertise for practice, we have conducted research to clarify the evidence of excellent transmission skills of Japanese midwives. In addition, we conduct research that can suggest the reproductive health care for women’s life-stages.

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Title of thesis for Master or Doctor of Health Sciences

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  • Yonamine K, Omine F: Studies for Midwifery Care with Pregnant Women Promoting Physical and Mental Selfcare-Interview and Content Analysis Methods for Midwives and Post Delivery Women-. Thesis for Master of Health Sciences, 2019.
  • Liu P, Omine F: Impacts of Health Promoting Lifestyle and Complementary Alternative Medicine Use on the Unillness status among Nurses in Okinawa. Thesis for Master of Health Sciences, 2017.
  • Yamada S, Omine F: Relationship between the continuation of self-care and perinatal troubles of pregnant women with Hiesho-A longitudinal study from the second half of pregnancy to intrapartum-. Thesis for Master of Health Sciences, 2015.


We will support students so that they can summarize the results logically through the research process.

Women‘s Health Nursing / Global Women’s Health