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Debate in Bioethics: AI and Career Decision Making

Fri, Aug 04, 2023

On June 7, first-year undergraduate students debated on the topic of “Whether or not one’s profession should be determined by AI app “Jove”” in a bioethics lecture.
A heated debate ensued on the ethical issues involved from a variety of perspectives. As AI is being actively introduced into the healthcare field, this year we progressively discussed ethics based on a topic close to students as the career decisions. In the case of the new coronary pandemic, the debate had been conducted online for the past three years, but this year it was conducted in person and a heated discussion took place.

Students’ voice:

  • It was reassuring to have friends who thought up arguments and objections with me. I think I improved my skill to see things from various perspectives.

  • I believe that in the future, as a medical professional, I will be faced with various problems, and I decided to develop the habit of thinking and discussing without stopping to think now so that I can make better decisions at that time as well.

  • I learned that the most important thing is to go through the “process” of thinking about the problem in one’s own way, even though it is easy to go in the direction of not thinking about a problem that does not have an answer.