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Announcing the Report of the First Cancer Nursing Seminar in 2023 and the Information of the Second Cancer Nursing Seminar (Adult Health and Cancer Nursing)

Tue, Dec 05, 2023

The 1st Cancer Nursing Seminar was held on November 10, 2023 under the theme of ” Towards Better Nursing Care of Elderly Cancer Patients”. (Face-to-face, web hybrid held)
Dr. Masayoshi Chinen, a graduate of the CNS course at the Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of the Ryukyus, and a certified nurse specialist at Shizuoka Cancer Center, gave a lecture on how to support elderly cancer patients in the treatment and terminal stages of their disease

Over 40 participants, including nurses and nursing students, attended the lecture and discussed actual cases of decision making support for elderly cancer patients in clinical settings.

Participants commented, “I felt that I need to pay attention to whether I unconsciously harbor prejudice or discrimination against the elderly,” “This was a valuable lecture that helped me reflect on my own view of nursing,” “Professional nurses are always looking for ways to support elderly cancer patients in their decision-making process,” and “This was an excellent lecture. I feel that professional nurses are truly amazing because they always see the essence of things from a macro perspective and guide us on how to effectively intervene in actual clinical situations. It was a meaningful learning opportunity.

This seminar was held as part of the “Kyushu Cancer Professional Development Plan for the Next Generation,” which was adopted this fiscal year. We will also hold the second seminar on December 22 (Fri.) on the topic of “Support for Cancer Patients’ Transition to Home Care. All interested parties are invited to attend.

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