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The 3rd Cancer Nursing Seminar was held (Adult and Cancer Nursing)

Wed, Apr 17, 2024

On March 8, 2024, the 3rd Cancer Nursing Seminar was held under the theme of “Wishes of the Elderly Cancer Patients Living in Facilities”. (Face-to-face, web-hybrid held)

Dr. Megumi Umeda, vice president of Family Hospice Co., Ltd. and a certified nurse specialist in cancer nursing, gave a lecture. Forty-three participants, including nurses engaged in cancer nursing and students interested in cancer nursing, attended the seminar.

As the living situations of the elderly become more diverse, these living environments are influencing the cancer treatment choices of the elderly, and the decision-making process regarding the care of elderly cancer patients is becoming more complex.

In light of this current situation, nurses had a meaningful opportunity to learn about the importance of supporting ACP (Advance Care Planning) by staying close to elderly cancer patients in their lives through their daily care.

Participants commented, “I would like to be involved with elderly people by considering their individual and regional characteristics,” “I realized again the importance of sharing ACP with their families,” and “In actual practice, emphasis tends to be placed on DNAR and life-prolonging procedures, but it is important to keep in mind what the elderly patient has valued up to this point in his/her life.

This seminar was held as part of the “Kyushu Cancer Professional Development Plan for the Next Generation,” which was adopted this year.

In the next fiscal year, we will continue to hold cancer nursing seminars with the aim of improving the quality of cancer nursing in the prefecture!